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Sans everything.

Wow has it been an interesting month.

A breakdown of what's happened:
  • Started doing respite care through Developmental Services Center for my family.  Despite my concerns about it originally, it's working out pretty well.  Justice is doing a lot better and, as long as he has his medication on time, he does pretty well with the exception of a few nights where he's thrown himself around a bit.
  • I took in a seventeen year-old girl named Krystal who I know through my friend Ash Scarbrough.  Her Mom kicked her out of the house so I let her stay with me until the end of the month (tonight we packed her stuff and she's staying with someone else now).  It went well at first and I'm glad I tried to take it on.  She's incredibly sweet and well-meaning but apparently never learned how to say "Thank you" or validate (which, unfortunately for us, happens to be one of my sensitivities).  She didn't really get the concept of how much money I was spending on her (she's never had a job, so that kind of makes sense), and took a lot of stuff that I did for granted.  After having a big blow-out today because of something pretty minor that was just the straw that broke the camel's back we sat down and I told her that I wasn't giving up on her, that I was just not emotionally prepared to deal with this right now.  She was supposed to live somewhere else at the end of the month anyway so I guess it works out pretty well.  To everyone who took care of me when I was fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen: Thank you.  I know I've said it before but thank you very much.  I probably haven't said it enough (but at least I didn't steal shit from you...)
  • I'm still planning on moving up to Chicago although there's been a big change of plans regarding it.  I was originally planning on moving up to Chicago and into a big place with some friends who are already up there and some who were looking to move up there.  Despite the fact that I was involved in this planning process from the beginning stages, I got kicked out of the housing arangement because one person wasn't comfortable with me being there.  Apparently how long you know someone marks seniority in deciding things like this and I (again, despite being in this from the beginning and helping plan some stuff out) have to find a place to stay by June 1st.  Awesome.
That's pretty much all for now.

- As Always -