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And while I think,

I desperately want a personal trainer like the ones on The Biggest Loser


My grandmother's birthday was today and I went over to her house with some flowers to wish her a happy one.  She wasn't there so I phoned my Mom hoping maybe she knew of my grandmother's whereabouts.  I talked to my Mother for a few minutes on the phone when my grandmother's home phone range.  I asked my mother if she thought I should pick it up to which she, unsurprisingly said that I should.  It turned out to be my great aunt Rosemary (you can't make up the stuff that she says).  I told my Mom, still on my cell phone, that Rosemary was on the phone.  She told me to tell her "hi," to which Rosemary told me to tell my Mom something else, to which my Mom responded, to which she responded...

...I ended up having a half an hour conversation mediating between two New Yorkers.  I felt like I had suddenly and inexplicably developed multiple personality disorder.  Only my family would let something like that go on for more than a minute and a half - tops.  Finally, after quite some time, my Mother told me to tell Rose that she was going to call her in a few and give me a chance to finish talking to her.  I told this to Rose and then the both of them, at the same time said, "Okay - bye!" and hung up.  So then I was left with NO ONE to talk to!

...the women in my family are absolutely mad.  The unfortunate part is that it has nothing to do with the above story.

- As Always -