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Sole meat and sweetest drink,

This looks really good.  Any Chicagoans want to see this with me when it opens?

So I got a place in Chicago.  Signed the lease and I'll be moving up June 1st.  The place is on 6341 Magnolia (off the Granville stop on the Red Line).  It's a cute, studio with a separate kitchen (which is really nice).  I'm excited to go up to Chicago but, honestly, I'm a bit more apprehensive.  Thankfully I do know that it's probably the best thing for me and, after about a month of living up there, the apprehension will have disappeared and the problems will have most likely worked themselves out in one way or another.

I think I may try to go for an RN at Truman College.  I figure I can be an RN in three, maybe four years and then I'll have a career job.  One that I can actually rely on for money.  RNs are in such a high demand in this country right now that, once I have it, I can go almost anywhere in the country (or another country for that matter).  I can actually afford to live in New York City if I so choose.  Then, once I've found a place to work, I can go back to school if I want (most places provide funding for further education).  So if I don't want to do it for the rest of my life I don't have to.  But even if I don't, I'll always have that and it'll help me out with almost every job opportunity.  It'll be one of the few jobs where my over critical nature can be beneficial (if you order a salad and you don't do it JUST the right way, it's okay and people get upset if you criticize them.  However, if you put in an IV and don't do it JUST the right way, it's a problem and needs to be addressed).  I'm smart enough of enough levels to do it and I think it could be good for me.

Mary Beth still thinks I should be a writer.

- As Always -