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September 8th, 2009

Not how or why.

I take pleasure in the fact that there are a select group of people out there who, when turning on the television to hear news of the apocalypse and the walking dead, would breathe a sign of relief and say, "FINALLY!"

Blake gave me The Walking Dead to read and I fell asleep over it today.  I had a dream that we were scheduled to hang out and, upon leaving my apartment, I found that there were zombies.  I went back inside and got my machete (which I actually do own) and made my way to his apartment.  It was fairly violent except I think, when I got to his elevator (why I wouldn't take the stairs I have no idea) I think a zombie pushed the floor button for me...  When I finally got to his apartment and he opened the door my reaction was, "BLAKE!  ZOMBIES!!!"  Happiest day ever.  Then I woke up.


The good news is that I definitely spent the majority of last week/this weekend eating jello brains, hanging out with an amazing German boy, spending time with Gina the Magnificent, and watching French films and Mike Judge movies.  This has been the most relaxing little break from JTIC and school I've had in a while.

Also Gina and I might move in together.  I gave her the keys to my apartment the other day.  Our relationship is going places.  Shea: watch out.

- As Always -