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That ends this strange eventful history,

Quick observations on life:
  1. I have horse eyes (apparently).
  2. Riding my new bicycle is awesome... but cold.
  3. Regardless of ice or no ice, if you're wearing four-inch heels... and you've been drinking... you will slip (trust me).
  4. Wikipedia is a dangerous thing. You start searching for Linux and you end up on migraines (Linux>Penguins>Barotrauma>Migraines). And that's one of the more G-rated trees.
  5. Linux is fantastic but now that I understand terminal I may be more confused than before (kind of like LOST. You understand one thing and then suddenly you realized that you're more frustrated than you started. "Sudo fuck yourself" computer.)
  6. Girls' pants are completely impractical. I can't fit anything in my pockets except maybe one lipstick and a credit card (if I'm really motivated and can jam it in).
  7. If I say, "I don't want you to contact me." that includes phone calls, showing up randomly at my house, and letters. All three are a direct violation of the "contact me" clause. Sudo fuck yourself.
  8. Everything's better with friends.

And, finally, to cap of the post:

- As Always -

Last scene of all,

Here's something that Rachel Rubin introduced me to (while some of you, I'm sure, know about this wonderment already I am aware that there are a handful of people who read this who don't know of it already... for those people: prepare to be amazed!):

Garfield Minus Garfield

The creator of this website takes the daily Garfield cartoons one would find in the newspaper and simply removes Garfield from every frame.  The result is Jon Arbuckle appearing as a lonely and deranged person.  It's absolutely hilarious and just seems more and more pathetic as you continue on.

Here are some of my favorites:

Garfield Minus Garfield, JAN 30

Garfield Minus Garfield, JAN 13

Go to the site.  Read some more.  They're fantastic (if not a little sad).

- As Always -

Pipes and whistles in his sound.


I officially have set up my computer with Linux (Ubuntu) and I finally have internet access.

Since I don't really have time to do a solid update, I'm going to quickly go through the things that have happened recently:
  • I no longer work at Biaggi's. It's all for the best.
  • I went to Chicago to see Matthew.  I ended up hijacking his XBOX 360 for a few days and now I want one real bad.
  • I went to see the Aztec exhibit at the Field Museum and it was great.  We also saw the exhibit on evolution.  Rachel was deemed our official buzz-kill and it was her job to remind us that everything was a lie, and from the devil and his worshipers throughout the tour.  She did an outstanding job.
  • Also I want to move to Chicago.  Ideas anyone?
  • I've been going out a lot and it's been awesome.
  • Yesterday I dealt with two separate instances of really bad migraines due to it getting a lot warmer throughout the day.  While my migraines suck I'm willing to take one for the team this time if it means that it gets and stays warmer outside.
That's basically it for now.  I'm going to fuck around with my new operating system now.  If you need me I'll be nerdin' it over here.

- As Always -

Turning again toward childish treble,

(I am such a nerd...)

- As Always -

And his big manly voice,


A world too wide,

 Your result for The Social Orientation Inventory ...

The Social Flutterby


You scored 81% Attention-desiring, 57% Other-directedness, 34% Attachment-desiring, 44% Emotionality, 43% Romance-seeking, 97% Range, and 79% Secureness.

Your Bonding Quadrant: Distant

More information.Collapse )

Well saved,

For those of you who haven't seen it yet:


- As Always -

His youthful hose,


Name: "Union City, New Jersey"
Album Title: "The Words Will Come"
Album Cover: 

How to get your band's informationCollapse )


Name: "Presbyterian Church in the United States"
Album Title: "About Their Personal Lives"
Album Cover:

- As Always -

Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon,

My jaw is killing me.

I went out and played broomball with some friends tonight and oh.my.gawd. I got nailed in the jaw with the ball (mind you, this is the jaw I've dislocated twice already... awesome!) and ripped my pants at the knee (to be completely honest that just made me feel like a badass... so I can't really complain about that). It was loads of fun but Stephen smacked me in the face and kicked me twice and never said a damn word to me (no "are you okay" no "oops - sorry"). If everyone there was like Stephen I would never go. Ever.                         ...cocky bastard.

The good news is that the machete (which Ash and I have yet to name - yes... we're awesome like that) is now with me.  Ash and I decided joint-custody was the best plan for our little machete and it makes me feel really awesome.  I think my awesomeness went up about 200% since obtaining it, actually (margin of error is about 5%).  So I got to walk around a church with a machete half in, half out of my bag.  Awesome.

Other than that life is continuing to kick major ass.  Today I didn't work at all and tomorrow continues my brief little weekend (laundry and sewing... woohoo!).  I'll try to make it out to the chiropractor sometime between that too because something tells me this isn't going to get better on its own.

I should take some ibuprofen.  ...now.

- As Always -

Full of wise saws and modern instances;

This is why I love Demitri Martin.

In other news I've been hanging out with the boys a lot (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, chili night, 30 Rock) and that's been really awesome.  I miss being with them and it's been great to be part of the gang again.  Work has been good but busy so they're keeping me on my toes.  And I'm still not talking to my family which is working out fantastic for me right now (why didn't I do this sooner?).

- As Always -